Greg O'Hanlon, M.Phil, SFHEA

Greg's creative career started at the age of 10 when he came upon a double tape deck and LP player. Following some experimentation he soon discovered that he could use the equipment to produce pause-button mixtapes; creating extended loops/phrases and mixes by recording and re-recording music parts multiple times, editing them together using a pause button. A drum kit soon followed and there was little in the way of silence for the next number of years.

After a false start in Mechanical Engineering he was keen to return to music production and has since worked extensively in the US and Europe in a variety of technical and creative roles. Hailing from a long tradition of engineer-types, his passion for technology has led him to consider in equal measure the internals of the tool/s in question and the art of production.

In 2000 Greg felt the need for a new challenge and returned to university to complete a Masters Degree in Music & Media Technology at Trinity College Dublin. Graduating with a 1.1 two years later, he then moved into the areas of event and media production. The following three years were spent largely on the move with several music tours, large audio-visual installations, corporate work, and the development of media assets for TV and radio advertising.

Currently based at the School of Creative Arts and Technologies, Ulster University, his main interests revolve around software and real-time, media-rich, interactive applications. Greg co-founded the BSc Creative Technologies programme in 2008 and served as Course Director between 2009 and 2013. Since 2014 he has led the development of the BSc Cinematic Arts programme which seeks to wholly equip emerging talent for the rapidly evolving area of moving image content development. Greg lectures across a number of subjects including: audio/image production, software development, interaction design, and behavioural science. Links with industry continue and recent commercial clients include the BBC and Riverdance

Greg was the Festival Director of the Imagine Create event - a biennial festival bringing together world leading artists, developers, academics and business leaders - between 2008 and 2012.

He is a co-founder and managing partner at nonzerosum - an interaction design collective focused on the creation of innovative and engaging human experiences.

Greg O'Hanlon holds a Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management from the Institute of Leadership and Management, is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and a member of the Irish Music Rights Organisation.